Rachel is not the first farmer in her family to be fully committed to organic. Her mother Dinah, was a founding member of the Soil Association and often spoke with Lady Balfour on the importance of farming organically. Brynlly’s farm (the birthplace of Rachel’s Organic) was one of the first farms to be certified organic and has been farmed as an organic farm ever since. Today, Rachel’s Organic is an active member of the Soil Association and a sponsor of their BOOM awards.


Since 1952, Rachel’s Organic has been faithful to nature and we believe that organic is as important today as it was back then.


Three generations of Rachel’s family believed the tastiest dairy could only come from the best nature had to offer. That philosophy lives on at Rachel’s Organic today as we ensure every recipe tastes as good as it can, using the fewest ingredients and the most fruit to give the best taste that nature can provide.

Take for example our organic Greek Style Honey yogurt made with just 3 ingredients: milk, cream and 10% honey. We don’t add any additional sugar as we believe it tastes sweet enough and so too does the Guild of Fine Food, who have awarded it a Great Taste Award in 2019.


Rachel began making her organic yogurts back in 1984 on her farm in West Wales. As the brand grew, a purpose-built dairy was built in Aberystwyth just a few miles from the farm, and is where Rachel’s Organic yogurts have been made ever since.

Rachel’s Organic works with a number of local farmers, who supply the dairy with fresh organic milk all year long. They are as passionate in supplying the nutritious creamy milk as Rachel’s organic is in producing our delicious yogurts.

Rachel’s Organic is proud to sponsor the Dairy section at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show and has been privileged to win a number of awards for our great tasting yogurts. We have a fantastic stand at the show each year, giving the Welsh public a chance to enjoy our products and meet Rachel and our farmers’ first-hand.

Our farmers

Rachel’s family always believed that the tastiest dairy could only come from the best nature had to offer. As the business expanded, so too did the pool of farmers that supply Rachel’s Organic with the milk need to produce our yogurts.

We work with a pool of local farmers that supply Rachel’s Organic exclusively with their organic milk. All local to the dairy, they work proudly to supply Rachel’s Organic with the highest quality organic milk which in turn allows us to make delicious creamy organic yogurts, with only the best ingredients that nature can provide.

These farmers share in the vision of Rachel’s Organic and work to ensure the highest welfare standards for their cows and with a zero waste mentality with the running of their farms.


Rachel’s Organic won the Good Dairy Award in 2016 which celebrates companies that demonstrate a firm commitment to higher welfare standards for dairy cows.

The award highlights our commitment to meeting the highest farm animal welfare standards, working very closely with our farmers to ensure we provide the best conditions for our cows.

Indeed, all of the fresh organic milk used at our Aberystwyth dairy is sourced directly from British organic dairy farms that operate to high welfare standards. Our farmers’ cows graze freely in pastures rich in lush green grass and clover, untreated with any artificial fertilisers or pesticides to produce naturally nutritious milk.

Rachel’s Organic will strive to continue being at the forefront of animal welfare standards to reassure our consumers that our products are produced in a sustainable and ethical way.


At Rachel’s Organic we care about the environment and work to ensure we reduce the impact on the environment in all areas of our business and in the packaging of our products.

In 2017 we moved our 450g pots to a thinner plastic removing 113 tonnes of plastic from our products over the past 3 years. We also adopted the use of recycled cardboard sleeves across our entire portfolio.

All our big pots and single pots are made from PP plastic which is widely recyclable. Please wash out and separate from the sleeve and recycle as per your local council recycling collections. Our multipacks are currently not able to be recycled – we are working on changing these to a more sustainable plastic in the near future.  

We are continuing to review our packaging and other ways in which we can reduce our impact and continually remain faithful to nature.